Top 10 Colleges American Politicians Used to Attend

There is no better advertisement for a school or college than a couple of famous people who used to attend the places. Politicians, scientists, and celebrities among the college’s alumni create a competitive advantage. Moreover, students see this school as a trampoline for future leadership and success.

Thus, it would be wrong if colleges did not use the names of their famous former students to strengthen their position and build a reputation. Many of them specifically mention these very important personas during institution presentations. However, only a few can boast about the genuine contribution they made to the political, scientific, or creative potential of their students.

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Preparing for College

Here are the top 10 colleges that had famous American politicians among its students:

1. Occidental College

Occidental College in Los Angeles is the learning institution that Barack Obama attended from 1979 to 1981 on a full scholarship. At that time, no one could think that his political career will lead him to the highest state position in the U.S. However, his first public speech was made in 1981 during his time in this very college.

2. Wellesley College

Hillary Clinton was regarded as the most driven student who dreamt about a political career. At Wellesley, she joined the Wellesley Young Republicans and remained very active during her studentship.

3. Santa Monica College

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his education at Santa Monica College as an adult student. As we all know, he had started his career as a movie star and had been quite successful in it before he decided to satisfy his political ambitions. To be a good California Governor, he decided to gain more knowledge in the field.

4. Eureka College

Ronald Reagan attended this college from 1981 to 1989. There he majored in Economics and Sociology that probably contributed to the success of his economic reform. Reagan’s contribution is known as “trickle-down economics.”

5. Scripps College

Gabby Giffords, who is a well-known representative from Arizona, is also one of the most active supporters of gun legalization reform in the U.S. At Scripps College, she majored in Latin American History and Studies.

6. Gettysburg College

This college is Ron Paul’s alma mater. This congressman from Texas is well-known as a supporter of libertarian views. However, his major was far from Politics; it was Biology.

7. Southwest Texas State Teachers College

Southwest Texas State Teachers College can boast about such person as Lyndon Johnson among its alumni. He obtained a degree in Education intending to become a teacher. However, Johnson’s potential in politics drove him away from this career path.

8. Weatherford College

James Wright, better known as Jim, served as a House of Representatives Speaker. He graduated from Weatherford College in Texas. During his political career, Wright claimed that he learned some lessons that only this college could provide.

9. Texarkana College

Ross Perot, a successful businessman, attended Texarkana College before transferring to the U.S. Naval Academy. Later in his career, he supported two presidential candidates from Texas in their campaign.

10. North Hennepin Community College

Jesse Ventura, a former Governor of Minnesota, also had a professional record in Hollywood along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before becoming popular, Ventura attended North Hennepin Community College. However, he did not complete his degree.

Final Words

Different American presidents and congresspersons went to various colleges and studied ranging disciplines. Some of them did not even think about politics at first. However, as it turned out, most of them made use of the knowledge they got. For example, Ronald Reagan implemented his economic reform based on his knowledge of Economy and Sociology.

This proves that a good education is extremely useful. You may choose a different path, but at some point, any skills you gained before will turn out applicable. Thus, do not hesitate to study new things even though you are pretty sure about the direction of your future career.