5 ways to check if an employee is deceiving you!

Hiring the right employees is crucial because they can help your business achieve its goals. As your business continues to grow, you are required to hire more employees to meet the demands of your deal. This can come with a variety of employee-related problems such as misconduct. Work misconduct can vary from theft to fraud, including an employee refusing to carry out their duties. When staff deliberately go against your company’s code of conduct, it can severely affect your business bottom line and reputation. In case you are suspecting your employee is deceiving you, there are certain tips you can use to find out if they are telling the truth or not.

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First, they avoid the question you ask them. Someone who is deceiving you and is cornered will avoid the question you are asking them because they don’t want to sound like liars. Liars tend to think that they haven’t lied to you if they don’t answer your question.

Second, they are more or less dramatic than usual. If you suspect your employee is lying, you can ask them a relevant question and see how they respond. If they are more animated with gestures than usual, chances are that they are lying to you.

Third, they are fiddling and avoiding eye contact. Slumping, avoiding eye contact and fiddling are signs that employees are lying to you.

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The following are tools and techniques that you can use to know the truth

  1. Use CCTV cameras: It is important that businesses ensure they are secure from theft, fraud and property crimes. That is why they should use CCTV cameras to monitor their business and employees. CCTV cameras can be used to prevent your workers from engaging in malpractices by monitoring, recording, and transmitting real-time images. The images will be monitored by your security team 24 hours, 7 days a week. CCTV cameras deter employees from engaging in crime-related activities in the workplace. In case you suspect one of your employees is deceiving you, you can review the CCTV footage to find who it was.
  2. Make a special work schedule for each person: Are you worried that your employees are not committed to working for your organization? Or maybe you are worried about the high number of employees who are absent from work. Well, creating a special work schedule for each person can help reduce tardiness and absenteeism and improve employee commitment to your organization. This will ensure you are not paying your employees for work not done. If you want to create a work schedule for your employees, it is paramount you know them first so that you can personalize their work schedule.
  3. Often ask about the working plan: Each employee should have a work plan to avoid working on projects without a purpose. A work plan is basically a tool that helps employers assign tasks, manage workflow, and monitor milestone deadline. Usually, a work plan runs between 6 and 12 months, but you can adjust it to meet the specific needs of employees. The benefit of work plans is that it helps improve the drive and focus of employees, including helping them stay organized while working on specific projects. With work plans, the project goals and objectives are clearly defined so that team members can understand what is expected of them.
  4. Use Spokeo to control social media usage: Most organizations use social media to interact with their customers. Sales reps can use this platform to market and sell new products to customers. On the other hand, customer care reps can use social media to answer the queries of customers. However, there are employees who tend to abuse this privilege by using social media to chat with friends during working hours. This not only kills the productivity of employees but of the whole organization. Luckily, you can use Spokeo reverse phone lookup to control social media usage within your organization. Spokeo refers to a people’s search engine which is used to perform phone number search with reverse number lookup. With Spokeo, you can search employees by their email address to control their social media usage.
  5. Make morning calls or meetings to talk about results: Are you worried about the productivity of your employees? Not sure if your team members are meeting their daily or weekly goals? Why not make morning calls or meetings to talk about results. Communication is always an important aspect of any organization that wants to be successful. Making morning calls or meetings to talk about results is important because it helps team leaders understand what employees are working on during that day. This is also an opportunity for employees to report their results and share any obstacles they are facing so that they can get help.

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In conclusion, to not be deceived by your staff it is better to use tools and ways that I have mentioned in this post. There is a variety of different methods and tactics to use. So, CCTV cameras, reverse phone lookup, and work schedule are some useful ones. Hope, you enjoyed reading.

Author Bio: Valerie Malecha is a content writer for Spokeo. She has a great experience in marketing, travel, business and relationship sphere.