Why Chauffeur Driven Cars Need GPS Car Camera in India?

Road safety in India are a matter of growing concern as new and gruesome cases have continued emerging over the years. In the year 2017, a total of 4,64,910 was reported and claimed 1,47,913 lives according to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Transport Research Wing’s report. These number can send a shudder down anyone’s spine.

With so many threats and issues that persist on the India roads, hiring a chauffeur seems like a viable option for car owners for a safe and secure drive. Since a chauffeur is more experienced with driving on the Indian roads, your drive would get much safer and smoother. However, you can never be too trusting of your chauffeur as he could be misusing your vehicle. In circumstances like these, it becomes necessary to equip your car with the best GPS car camera in India to ensure your car’s safety.

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Chauffeur Driven Cars

Your chauffeur could not only be a threat to only your vehicle but your loved ones as well. You wouldn’t ever want anything bad to happen to your family in a million years. This is where equipping the best GPS car camera in India comes handy. Here are a few reasons why your chauffeur driven car needs a GPS car camera in India.

Use of GPS Devices in Chauffeur Driven Cars

  • Tracks Whereabout of Your Loved Ones: Due to our work and other priorities, we are unable to drive our family and children to their desired location; hence, we hire a chauffeur. With a chauffeur, they can travel with ease and get to their desired location in a personal vehicle. However, you can never be too trusting about your chauffeur when it comes to your family’s safety and well-being. With a GPS car camera, you will be able to locate their real-time location and whereabouts.
  • Prevents Misuse of Car: While you are at work, you don’t know what your chauffeur is doing behind your back. There are many instances where chauffeurs use their employer’s car to ferry passengers. Doing this helps them earn extra without having to spend anything as they’d be exploiting your resources. This act is not only an exploitation of your resources but also a direct threat to your vehicle as well. A GPS car camera helps in monitoring the whereabouts of your car and whether your chauffeur is misusing your vehicle.
  • Prevents Detours for Personal Work: You are waiting for your chauffeur to pick you up, wondering what’s taking him so long to reach you. As you’re waiting to be picked up by your chauffeur, the delay could be caused due to a detour that he could be making to get his personal work done. As he is unaccompanied in the vehicle, he could be taking advantage of the situation and exploiting your resources. In situations like these, GPS car camera in India becomes a necessity to have in cars.
  • Ensures Safe Driving: Rash driving is a phenomenon that is quite common on Indian roads. It has claimed many lives in the past and continues to do so in present times. To ensure that your chauffeur doesn’t indulge in rash driving and puts your vehicle at risk, it is essential to have a GPS tracking camera in your vehicle. The device will not only keep you updated with your chauffeurs’ doings and whereabouts but keep him on his toes to be conscious of his actions.

Ensure 360-Degree Protection of Chauffeur Driven Cars: The threats on the roads are growing, and keeping a chauffeur is no relief as they come with their own set of challenges. Getting a GPS car tracking device becomes a necessity in your vehicle to ensure the safety of your car and loved ones. However, with growing threats and issues on the roads, you need a device that serves more functions than capturing video and GPS tracking.

Most GPS car camera in India only capture video of the dashboard, failing to capture the inside of the car; this leaves opportunity for your chauffeur to take advantage of your vehicle. One such device that is equipped with dual camera and captures the video of inside and outside the car is KENT CamEye. The footage of previous trips can be accessed on the cloud storage through your phone and be saved on your device as well. That’s not all, the device has various features like two-way mic system, over speeding alert, AC switch on alert, live video streaming, face recognition technology, and much more. With this device, you can be sure that your chauffeur doesn’t misuse your car, and your loved ones are safe.

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