Use A Call Answering Service & Never Miss Another Call

According to a report by Glance, 67% of the respondents claimed to have hung up on business after they were unable to reach a live person, a costly mistake we often see with many businesses.

In the current economic times, missing potential business calls is the worst mistake that you can make, but fortunately, it’s one that is easily avoidable with answering services such as OracleCMS.

An answering service will ensure that everyone who calls your business is not redirected to a robot but rather to a real person who is ready to help them, regardless of whether you’re in vacation miles away.

Let’s have a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect from a call answering service and how it can help your business never t miss another call.

Message Taking

Whether a potential client is interested in one of your products, looking for clarification, or a long-time customer catching up on you, every call matters, and answering them with the professionalism required should be a priority, even during the holidays.

See, one of the benefits of outsourcing a call answering service is that you’ll never fail to get any information from your callers, regardless of where you are.

Phone answering services have professional-trained receptionists that will take your message following a customized scrip that gives your potential clients a hassle-free and convenient experience.

At the same time, they’ll collect all the necessary information they consider vital, and this will help to propel your business even further.

The professional receptionists will further record all the data of each call and later compile it, allowing you to easily access all the information from anywhere, meaning you’ll never miss any crucial message even if it’s delivered after-hours, while in holiday or any other time.


Appointment Scheduling

Typically, phone answering services are like an extension of your business, meaning you can dedicate all your efforts to running your business, and at the same time, you don’t have to get worried about missing any crucial messages.

Like a member of your team, a phone answering agent will perform a variety of tasks, often at a fraction of the cost.

This will also include managing appointments for you and ensuring that your schedule doesn’t clash.

Call answering agents will then create a call script and then hand it over to your receptionist for easy access to your handle. This way, your receptionist will answer calls and even set appointments according to your preferences.

Linguistic Services

If you have a multinational business having a multi-lingual call center is of the essence.

See, when communicating with a client, you want to grow a connection with them, and one of the effective ways of doing so is communicating in a language that they know. Contrary to using a foreign language, addressing clients in their native language shows that you care about them and will make the clients feel like your business is part of them.

This is not to mention that having someone who clearly understands a foreign language will help in conveying the information from the clients better than someone foreign to the language.

Fortunately, professional call answering services have professionals who are adept at various languages, including natives of different languages, meaning that your business I going to make a more intimate connection with the clients and that you never have to miss a message because of the language barrier.


This is only a snapshot of what you stand to gain from a quality answering service.

In addition to the answering agent ensuring that you never miss a call, they can as well provide a gamut of other services, including lead collection and order processing, at a fraction of a cost.