Best Online Platforms To Fuel Your Inner Successful Writer

The modern world has so much to offer if only you are willing to grasp it. For instance, all creative people who wish to share their creativity with others, have unlimited access to all online sources that can help them succeed. All that is needed is a proper guide.

Let’s say you think you are a good writer but the only place that you store your writings is your notebook. That is not good. You need to show the world what you are good at. That is why we will discuss the best platforms that are most helpful for beginning writers. You can use all of them to your advantage when it comes to your personal writing, but in case you are looking for academic writing or wondering where I can write my dissertation uk, we will suggest you to follow the link and have a look at the services being offered.

Content Writing

Journo Portfolio

If you like to keep organized, the platform you need is a Journo Portfolio. The platform is simple to use and very customizable. The tools the platform offers will allow you to sort your content depending on your preferences. You can create web pages in various layouts, themes, and designs. Besides, you can share your content across other platforms as well. It is safe to say that Journo Portfolio is the place you can combine all of your writings, sort them accordingly and share with an audience.

These days people prefer to read something unique but also simple to comprehend. Besides, the longer your content, the lesser chance there is that someone will read through it. That is why is so perfect for clippings or podcasts. So if you are a freelance writer or a journalist that requires some more recognition – feel free to use the platform to your advantage! The platform is simple to manage and offers many customization tools to interact with.


This is a platform primarily designed for journalists and budding writers. The platform comes with a user-friendly framework and an intuitive interface. Pressfolios allows you to upload content, edit it and promote it across social media networks. It needs to be mentioned that the platform comes with an auto-backup option. This means that every file you upload gets a backup copy stored on the cloud.


Contently is a platform where you can get noticed and promoted. It is a site builder that supports all young writers, budding journalists, and content writers. The platform is simple to use and offers an in-house editor that can assist you in adding themes, tweaking the content, and inserting images and graphics. All these functions can increase the readability of your content significantly. If you write well, you may get noticed by some journalists and media houses.


In case you are looking for the simplest and the easiest website builder, then you should give Weebly a try. This platform allows you to build multiple pages with ease. However, it needs to be mentioned that every page comes with the Weebly branding, which can be removed if you opt for a paid version. The interface the platform offers comes with may editing tools that allow you to add images, buttons, custom forms, videos, etc.


If you want your content to be read worldwide, then Squarespace is what you need. You can use the platform to develop stellar websites. The platform comes with a vast range of editing tools and advanced features. You can easily build your website with the help of various themes, readymade layouts, and available designs. There is also an in-house editor available that allows you to reorder the arrangement of specific sections, add galleries, generate contact forms, and integrate your social media accounts.

Those of you who wish to integrate all the social media notifications in one place should think about The platform allows you to access all RSS feeds, videos and other content on one website. The free version comes with 7 themes and various fonts that you can customize your content with. There is also a paid version for $20 a year, which can offer you even more. The premium version includes a unique user URL, free hosting, domain services, more themes, and mobile-friendly tools.

As you can see, there are many helpful platforms out there for beginning writers. Some of them are free; some are pre-paid. However, all of them offer you those necessary tools and features to advertise and popularize your content.