Benefits Of Trombe Walls

A slight modification in the building structure, like a trombe wall, can help you in keeping your room warm. People living in cold climate are very well aware of the problems faced in heating of rooms. By using a trombe wall, you no longer have to worry about the growing fuel prices.

These modifications are inexpensive and do not require any expenditure for the heating of rooms. These are based on the principal of using solar energy to warm the rooms.

Trombe Wall

The trombe wall is an ingenious design modification of the ordinary brick walls. These contain a space between the two lines of bricks and this air space acts as insulation between the outer and inner part of the wall. The walls also contain a glass sheet, gauze and a material to store the heat absorbed from the son.

Construction Of The Trombe Wall

The trombe walls are very easy to construct and any construction worker knowing a little about the solar energy can build these. The walls vary in width from 8 inches to 16 inches. It typically consists of two columns of bricks with the air in between them. The wall also has a sheet of glass installed at its outer portion.

This glass is meant to allow the passage of heat inside the wall but subsequently prevent its escape to the outside environment. The walls may also be provided with a water channel to act as a heat reservoir.

Principle Of Operation Of Trombe Wall

During the morning hours, the trombe wall keeps on transmitting heat from the outside to the inside of room. This air is absorbed by the walls and any heat absorber like a water channel. Once the evening comes, the heat absorbed inside the room is automatically released basing on laws of heat exchange. This heat then warms up the room.

Advantages Of Trombe Walls

The trombe walls are a blessing for the cold climate because they allow the occupants of the house to save on energy costs. A few of the salient advantages are listed below:-

1. The trombe walls are simple and inexpensive to build.

2. The material to construct these is easily available.

3. The room is heated by the solar energy and it is much more comfortable as compared to the ones heated by using fire etc.

4. The room is heated at virtually no cost. So it helps in reducing the amount spent on the energy bills.

The trombe walls help you keep warm in cold weather without any additional expenses.