The Benefits of Shrink Packaging & How it’s More Cost Effective

 There’s never been more choice on supermarket shelves for customers. Even local stores now offer a vast range of products from all over the world. All of the products are shouting for the attention of consumers. The competition for their purchasing decisions has become fierce. The situation has made the role of packaging designers a highly skilled and vital part of a brand’s success. Their work’s supported with a generation of new software such as Studio Advanced, which allows designers to pre-distort the artwork to compensate for shrinking.

Shrink packaging designers know that high-quality films make graphics more eye-catching. They’re increasingly moving to shrink film because the high-gloss effect gives colours used in the design better definition. The benefit is that it makes the product more visible and appealing to customers. It offers brands what we call “shelf appeal”.

Packaging designers also value shrink-film because it’s easy to print on, reducing the need for extra labeling, and making it easy to customise. They can provide info such as nutritional values, product specials, and other information quickly, and without incurring additional charges. There are also many design strategies that can improve the customer’s experience of the product, such as perforated strips to make opening the package easier. It also simplifies the production of tamper-proof packaging with tamper-evident labels – a consideration for health and safety regulations and a simple way to reduce the risk of counterfeit products entering the market.

A lot can happen to a product in the time between the packaging and the store display. When heat is applied to shrink-wrap it creates a tight seal. It offers excellent protective properties by forming a barrier between the product and the elements that it’s exposed to. Exposure to the sun is a challenge for producers of light-sensitive products. Shrink film offers added protection to these vulnerable products. It also protects products against dirt, dust, and moisture while they are being stored or transported.

The Benefits of Shrink Packaging & How it’s More Cost Effective

Although it may look thin, shrink-wrap is highly durable and robust. Durability is also vital in the transportation of the product. It doesn’t puncture or tear easily and won’t chafe like some other packaging materials. If the item shifts in transit or someone drops it, the wrap will still protect it. Shrink-film is incredibly versatile making it appropriate for use on any size or shaped product. This feature makes it a useful packaging solution for a wide range of industries including those that work with food, paper, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.

Along with the benefits of improved shelf life and product appeal, it can form part of a brand’s commitment to sustainable packaging design. Using high-grade shrink-wrap can cut down on waste because it can reduce the need for additional packagings, such as cardboard trays.  Polyolefin film is entirely recyclable. This makes it an environment-friendly choice for brands. This greener feature creates an opportunity to capitalise on a brand’s environmental responsibility if they alert customers to this characteristic on the packaging. This simple strategy could be enough to convince a potential customer to choose your product over a competitor they see on the shelf.

Using shrink-wrap can be a greener solution in other ways too. It’s designed to keep bundled items close together without the need for additional materials like boxes. This cuts down on storage space and transport costs. The bulkier and heavier the product, the more fuel will ultimately be required in the shipping and transportation of it. This reduces a product’s carbon footprint but also saves money. It’s a budget-friendly solution. Furthermore, compared to other packaging materials, shrink-wrap can be a very affordable choice.

It quite noteworthy that all kind of industries are now looking for innovative solutions and now paying attention to environment. Though it will still take reasonable time to witness a complete shift but the shifting has already taken place. As more and more players see and understand the importance if this and collectively realise the importance of taking such steps the results obtained will be much larger, better & faster.  It will help not only the companies but also the consumers. Everyone here has a role to play since consumers are also more conscious about the choices being made by them.

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