Top Astounding Trends in Wearable Technology That One Must Know About

Over the years, even simplest gadgets have transformed themselves and come under the umbrella of wearable technology. For instance, wrist watches have become smartwatches and traditional rings have transformed into smart rings. What’s more, an analog clock that points at 1 to 12 digits now can inform the user regarding weather, read text messages, and track workout. The innovation in the wearable technology market could leave you flabbergasted. There are smart shoes that could charge your phone, stylish earrings could play the user’s favorite songs, and personal assistance could be embedded into contact lenses.

According to Allied Market Research, the global wearable technology market is projected to touch $57.65 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 16.2% by 2022. The factors such as the convenience of wearable devices, increased health awareness, rapid technological innovations in the wearable technology are expected to propel the growth. From accepting commands to capture selfies to monitor burned calories, the wearable technology has rapidly evolved over the years. Here are some of the emerging trends in the wearable world.

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Wearable for assault protection

There has been a significant rise in the number of sexual assault cases, especially in women. In fact, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center suggested that one in every five women and one in every 74 men are raped. However, with the advent of wearable technology for rape protection is expected to drop in the future. The gadget is camouflaged as an attachment to clothing or accessories and designed to detect falls and any forceful action. The rape protection wearable is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and the user can choose to activate an emergency rape button if any unfortunate incident is happening. Moreover, the phone could send a text if you fail to close the app within the next five seconds if the assaulter has overpowered you. In addition, the contacted emergency can be used as a piece of evidence in legal proceedings.

Smart rings

Over the year 2019, smart rings have gained popularity among businessmen who spend most of their time in meetings and wants to get notified without attracting too much attention to themselves. Moreover, smart rings are extremely handy while shopping and it can be used to open car or make payments by swiping. Apart from this, these devices could be used to track biometric activities such as number of steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burnt during the workout. Furthermore, smart rings are useful for elderly people as they are experiencing any health issues, they can activate a panic button to ask for emergency help. Moreover, it is built with GPS and can be connected with the user’s smartphone. Thus, one does not have to worry regarding misplacing it or losing it.

Smarter smartwatches

This could be the most popular wearable device. Since the launch of Apple Watch, the smartwatch devices become mainstream. From in-built heartbeat sensor to ECG, these devices could do much more than just checking the time. Moreover, several smartwatches automatically detect if the user is having a panic attack and it could send alert to physician or relatives. The devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch had ruled the market for a while. However, other tech companies such as Huawei and Samsung have also launched their smartwatches in the market. Using these devices, one can monitor their calorie intake and fat burn and as it is connected to smartphones, one can set goals and the device could give necessary alert. What’s more, some devices offer improved battery life and are far more stylish than conventional watches.

Wearable Technology Market-planning

Medical wearables

There is a significant rise in demand for medical wearable due to its affordable price and user-friendliness than the regular visits to the clinics. The recent developments in the medical wearables have made them capable of capturing highly accurate data and connect to personal healthcare professionals who can monitor the patient’s health remotely and check whether the medications are beneficial or not. Medical devices such as health patch MD, Cloud DX vitality, and Google smart lenses are some of the most trending medical wearables. These devices are capable of recognizing vital changes, monitor data, and even alert patients if they are developing any disease.

Wearable blood pressure monitors

Recently, Omron Healthcare unveiled HeartGuide, the world’s first wearable blood pressure monitor. Although HeartGuide might seem similar to a traditional smartwatch, the device is an oscillometric blood pressure monitor that could measure blood pressure and other daily activities, including number of steps taken and distance travel. Moreover, it can record up to 100 readings in memory and all records could be read from the mobile app named HeartAdvisor, which could be used for comparison, review, and treatment optimization. Moreover, the device enables the user to track and share their healthcare data with their physicians to determine which personal habits may affect their blood pressure.

Fitness trackers

The increased awareness regarding health issues is the major factor for surged demand for wearable technology. The major brands such as Xiaomi has recently launched Mi Band 3 that gathered more crowd with its affordable fitness trackers. The device helps you keep track of the user’s heartbeat, distance traveled, and even monitors one’s sleeping patterns, which makes it easier for doctors to make an informed diagnosis. Apart from using trackers to monitor health data, the tracker sends real-time alerts regarding text messages and incoming calls. What’s more, the user can analyze the day’s activities at the end of the day and set goals for the future accordingly.

What’s in the future?

The wearable technology has made its entrance in the fashion industry. Now when people are getting familiar with smart rings, smartwatches, in future the market would witness incorporation of Internet of Things with day-to-day objects such as smart bags, smart purse, smart necklace, and smart shoes. These devices come under the title of Intelligent Fashion and are equipped with innovative technologies and mindboggling features such as charging user’s smartphone. Moreover, connected clothing would be the next big thing in wearable technology and major market players such as Under Armour and Lumo have been investing a huge pile of money in experimenting in that niche.


The use of wearable technology is bound to increase in the future and the devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers would become mainstream owing to their declining prices. With the latest technological development such as the Internet of Things at disposal, the devices now can deal with the humongous amount of data and are far better their previous versions. In regards to this, it is most vital to upgrade these devices to the recent design so users can benefit from the novel updates.

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