Advice for setting up TV antenna on Motorhome or Caravan

Set-up Advice for RV TV Antennas

Whether you are looking to kill a little time after a busy day of sightseeing, the weather is bad or merely taking a break, knowing that when you turn the TV on in your motorhome or caravan, your caravan TV antenna you won’t be giving you any issues.  This a major tick off your to-do-list before you hit the road and fundamental to your mindset when you are heading off on your vacation.

Here we look at a quick guide to help you know how to get your aerial and TV up and running when touring. There appears to be quite a lot to it, but once you break the process down into simple steps, you’ll realize its relatively straightforward.


Setting up TV in your RV

First things first to receive TV to a motorhome or caravan you’ll need a provider, each provider will come with a different set of requirements, with different payment plans and options. Also, remember that Freeview boxes and boosters are also a better way of picking up extra channels. A booster is something everyone should consider regardless of what country they are travelling in.

With regards to satellite set-up you must ensure you’re aiming it at 145 degrees (not specifically you can be a touch out) so using a compass or these days the compass on your smartphone is a good idea. In conjunction to that, the dish must be facing upwards of around 25 degrees (again use a compass) once this is up it should be simple to connect to the receiver box and simply connect it through to the TV.

Before you get overexcited to enable you to watch anything you need to identify and connect to a signal itself. A satellite finder compass is the quickest and easiest tool for the job. You automatically know when you’ve found it as you’ll hear a high-pitched noise.

What about a TV license when I’m touring?

In the UK, for example, your principal TV license in your home covers you by law when you are touring in your motorhome, caravan or any other form of vehicle, and also while you are away the TV can still be used in your domestic dwelling without any knocks on the door or letters through the letterbox.

Though there has been a law change regarding caravans, if they end up being sited, permanently or even on a seasonal basis are not classified under touring by authorities. Thus meaning that the use of the TV in the caravan simultaneously with your home address is not covered.  The best thing to do is go to TV licensing in the UK and request a form, and you can state that you will not be using both simultaneously – try here for further information –

Insurance for your TV and equipment

If as many are now upgrading to Smart TV and you are looking to splash out on the latest tech in whatever country you are residing or touring, and adding a satellite dish, insurers can now deem this as a modification.  Meaning you will need to inform your insurance company of new equipment that has been installed in the RV.  This is a recommended move anyway to ensure your insurance plan offers the right coverage.

After you have purchased new electrical equipment, it’s a good idea to add up the value of it all and including personal possessions you have, depending on what insurance policy you currently hold.

Aerial mounting Advice

All transmitters are made to transmit signals with vertical or horizontal with polarisation. As a rule-of-thumb, the main transmitter is orientated towards horizontal polarisation, and the relay is vertically aligned which helps to curb interference.

So to break this down a horizontal signal needs the aerial mounting to have its receptors pointing to that orientation, indeed, in modern motorhomes and caravans, the flat part of the aerial is required to be.

So with a vertical orientation, you would need the aerial has to rotate at 90 degrees, so everything matches a vertical plane.

Tablets and Smartphone users

With the market changing rapidly and the advancement of the physical hardware and antennae in smartphones and tablets, it’s essential for you to surf the web to get the latest directional information that is available. You can download various App’s using the keyword search ‘directional information for TV transmitters’ and you will find some App’s that will be of assistance come free.

Some applications for location-based directional information for TV transmitters can be downloaded without charge. There are various keyword searches you can do

Nowadays when travelling to well-established sites that provide facilities, typical you will find that on each pitch or row there will be digital aerial or caravan TV antenna information to help you. This should include the best mount position and so on and even satellite elevation details, especially if you are on a low-lying site maybe by a river or ravine that is surrounded by trees.  If not ask the site management, they will have the information required.

Signal Booster for TV

I touched upon a booster earlier, and these little gadgets can make the difference between watching TV and enjoying TV. The coax cable running from the TV goes directly into the booster which is receiving the signal from the antenna.

The common booster operates on 12-volt DC and usually has a simple red LED light to indicate whether it on or off. Though it’s important to point out that it does use electricity, so if you are off for most of the day on some sightseeing adventure or you have had an exhausting day and fancied a 10-hour sleep, remember it drains your battery, and so ensure you only use it when you need it.

Ideally, if you are parked up at a site or a resort that provides for cable TV it simple, you hook up the coax to their connector, and that’s it, you’ll be watching clear TV and set up straight away


The world of motorhome and Caravan TV Antenna is a continually evolving business, but in a good way for the people using the end product.  Caravan TV aerial and caravan antenna, in general, is being modernized by the month with healthy competition in each of the world developed countries, so your options are widespread, widely considered to be the best right now are Winegard TV antenna made in the US.  However, be sure to check equipment made in your own country, and bear in mind they are primarily made for your country.  Take heed of the insurance also required when you are touring and any new additions to your spec.  It’s a good feeling knowing that you may be missing a pair of shoes or a toothbrush when you arrive, but you won’t be missing your favorite TV programs or the big game.

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