A Bright Future after B.Planning from SPA Delhi

We found this article to be funny yet serious about the views about the B.Planning course from a reputed institution. This article first appeared in the magazine of SPA Delhi on 25th Anniversary celebration of B.Plan course in 2015. We are providing you with full text taken directly from the author. Hold on tight, you are about to read something serious & funny !!!

A Bright Future after B.Planning from SPA, Delhi - the irony

A naïve unaware student enters SPA with a hope to get admission in B.Arch but due to limited seats has to make do with B.Planning which he hasn’t ever even heard of but is told is a similar course. He compromises because SPA, Delhi is the best planning college in Asia giving the student hope of a bright and successful future.

The student soon after admission realizes the title of ‘best planning college in Asia’ is actually a self-proclaimed title with no convincing proof, study or survey (couldn’t help but use the word ‘survey’ as this is what planning is all about) but the hope of a bright future still remains. Fast forwarding to final year when the bright future one was hoping for looms within the grasp. The student inquires and get to knows that almost one out of every four students (a quiet high percentage) have gotten jobs in the batch above him with a very high average salary of 25k-30k per month. On the side note an auto rickshaw driver, house maid or other such professionals in India earns equivalent amount but everyone knows those jobs require much more hard work. Out of the remaining students few may opt to pursue the master degree in planning. Admission to a master program from a prestigious college like MIT or one of Ivy League colleges is a piece of cake. One needs just 60 lac INR (80-100 lac for a comfortable lifestyle), a very good GRE score (easily attainable with the quality education of SPA, Delhi) and few other formalities like 2-3 good LOR, a good portfolio, good performance in interview, a good this and a good that. One can also pursue master from SPA itself, as it is after all the self-proclaimed best planning college in Asia.

A student may like a sheep try to get in a MBA college which is the hot favourite of every other Indian graduate. The admission test comprises of mathematics and English which are the greatest strengths of a SPA graduate. After all he once beat the graduates of IITs and NITs in the subjects when they appeared for the entrance of B.Tech but chose to give up admission in IITs and NITs for B.Planning from SPA, Delhi. The students in these colleges are trained in mathematics for further four years but SPA student could easily beat them again despite the statistics showing that 90% seats in MBA courses are filled by engineers (B.Tech from IITs and NITs) and none by planners. Source: FMS Information Bulletin -2015, MBA & Doctoral Programmes.

Few of the enlightened souls who don’t find the above options viable may even change their discipline of study completely and start from scratch which in my opinion is the beginning of brightest future despite it taking 4 years to learn the lesson.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are of its author with no inputs from PlanningTank.