7 Types of Jobs CompTIA Network+ Certification

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a well-known credential designed for the Information Technology specialists with at least 9 months of active networking experience. The Network+ certificate program provides you with the training and education to start a career in network administration. Getting this CompTIA certification proves that you have the professional knowledge and skills to create, manage, troubleshoot and configure wired and wireless networks.

CompTIA Network+ is recommended by several companies , including Dell, HP and Intel. To get this certification,the students must take and pass the CompTIA N10-007 exam.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Network+: Benefits

Prepaway are so many reasons why you should attain the CompTIA Network+ certification. Besides the knowledge and skills that you will gain during training and exam preparation period, the credential will also open up the doors for several in-demand Information Technology business opportunities. Getting the certificate will prepare you for a wide range of jobs that require the abilities that the certification will prove.

Becoming CompTIA Network+ certified is truly a step towards the right direction for a career in telecommunications or networking. Many reputable companies, including Microsoft, Novell, Intel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Prepaway and Apple, usually require that their potential employees and job candidates are Network+ certified professionals. Hence, the advantages on the job market become evident.

The certification process prepares you for positions, such as a network administrator, a network designer, a network analyst, a help desk technician, a network support specialist, a network security specialist anda field engineer. Besides, the Network+ certification meets the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) directive requirements.

CompTIA Network+: Job Titles

After passing your CompTIA exam, you will receive your card and your credential. The card will contain the CompTIA number and this means that you are ready and able to find a job, which will provide you with new prospects in your career.

The good thing with the CompTIA Network+ certification is that it is not actually vendor-specific. Therefore, this means that it lets you look for jobs where you can use almost any type of network. This is something that increases your options greatly. There are several positions available to you as a CompTIA Network+ certified professional. The certificate opens up a number of career paths for you. As you hit the road to search for a job after obtaining the Network+ certification, here are some of the jobs you can search for.

  1. Administrator: Some further training might be needed on top of the Network+ certification for someone to become an administrator. However, there are so many organizations out there that will consider your previous work experience. If it is relevant and you also have your CompTIA Network+ credential, administrator position is achievable. Hence, Prepaway what’s your role as an administrator? If you get this position, your main role will be to manage network issues every day. You will troubleshoot network problems and ensure that you minimize network downtime.
  2. Technician: The CompTIA Network+ certification prepares you to perform the role of a technician. Your main role as a technician will be to troubleshoot network problems. This is actually what CompTIA Network+ is mainly about. Just like you are required to troubleshoot network problems in the certification exams, it is the same job that you will do as a technician. In addition, you will be able to install network equipment for an organization. This position is actually the most obvious job opportunity for a CompTIA Network+ certified individual. The job role leaves a lot for advancement.
  3. Teaching and training: Receiving any kind of certification always means that you are qualified to teach and train others in the field. The CompTIA Network+ credential also shows that you are able to teach and train other candidates who enroll for the same certification program. Therefore, you can search for a job at any company that offers training courses for CompTIA Network+.
  4. Security specialist: Cybersecurity is the fastest growing field in the Information Technology industry. Networking is actually the most important aspect of IT security positions. Therefore, it is basically required that the candidates who want to have an employment in networking should have the CompTIA Network+ certificate. Therefore, this means that achieving the Network+ credential automatically makes you a great candidate for a security specialist position.
  5. Network forensic specialist: Network forensic is another area that needs the professionals who have been Network+ certified. Thus, getting the CompTIA Network+ credential allows you to be chosen for a network forensic specialist position in an organization.
  6. Systems analyst: As a system analyst, your day-to-day role will be to analyze wire and wireless networks and network equipment of an organization and to provide workable solutions that can prevent any downtime.
  7. Networking equipment sales or purchasing specialist: After becoming a CompTIA Network+ specialist, you can look for a position of networking equipment sales specialist in companies that sell networking equipment. Alternatively, you can also search for a position of a networking equipment purchasing specialist in any organization so that you can be in charge of approving what network equipment should or should not be purchased.


Even though the CompTIA Network+ certification is among the very first credentials you can obtain, it is very valuable as it helps you continue or start your IT career. Besides the above named positions, there are many other jobs that you can seek after getting the Network+ certificate. For instance, you can also be a systems analyst, a network analyst and so on. Just be open to new opportunities.