5 Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

The business industry is going through a major shift brought about by digitization. As technology evolves, more and more companies, from the biggest corporations to the smallest start-ups, find ways to utilize and integrate technology to get ahead of competitors.

As customers demand faster services and digitally accessible products and solutions, the market will only grow more competitive over time. Staying stuck with traditional manual processes and antiquated siloed systems will not get your business anywhere.


Don’t get left behind. Here are several effective ways to use technology to grow your business:

Social Media

Social media redefined marketing to a whole new level. It has become a must for companies and brands to establish an online presence and reach customers via social media platforms. It has opened a new avenue to mainly promote sales and services and create a more personal relationship with customers or clients. Try to maximize this opportunity by setting up your social media pages and maintaining them vigorously. Employ social media best practices and use them strategically.

More than promotions, social media offers many other benefits to a business. It greatly contributes to brand-building and can help you attract customers or clients, partners and even employees. Leveraging social media is an efficient and potentially cost-effective way to scale areas of your business, from marketing and sales to recruitment and even internal communication.

Training Resources

To retain employees and lead them to perform at their best, it is important to keep them motivated. Offering them affordable, and if possible, free learning opportunities is a great way to encourage them to improve, keep them on their toes and let them feel that they are also benefiting in exchange for their hard work.

Utilize technology to provide training resources, like reading materials, informative videos or virtual training and conferences. Some of the most useful resources to offer to employees are courses for communication development, technology skills, and leadership.

There are third-party providers offering online courses, classes, training, and conferences. You can partner with them to offer your employees and team members access to these training resources. Alternatively, you can organize in-house virtual training sessions or provide them with learning materials that they can access online anywhere they are.

Upgrade Your Software

There are always advancements and updates in the tech space, which means the new system you may have had installed last year is already considered outdated.

To foster growth, it is important to ensure your tech stack is at its optimum condition, ready to compete in today’s fast-paced market. Maintain your digital assets to ensure they are updated and will not break down easily. This includes everything from your website to mobile and desktop apps you use, including daily tools and integrations your teams work with.

It is ideal to hire remote developers to ensure your assets are set up and maintained the right way, so everything runs smoothly. They can help upgrade your system when needed, plus they can also help you develop the technology and tools you need to scale.

Take Payments Online

Consumers always prefer convenience and expect businesses to provide them with seamless experiences. Over the past year, digital payments and transactions skyrocketed, and the trend will continue for a longer time. If you are not integrating online payments yet, it’s time to think it through.

Digital payments bring numerous benefits to businesses, including reducing manual work and having access to more systematized and automated financial data. More so, offering online payment options offers a great deal of convenience and can help you expand your customer base and transact more efficiently and safely with clients.

Manage Your Budget

Accounting and finance are business areas that often require the most tedious and crucial work. Your accounting team is responsible for managing your budget and ensuring resources are utilized optimally. Rather than sticking with error-prone Excel sheets and calculators, use technology to streamline and automate accounting tasks.

There are accounting software solutions that can help you better manage the budget. It will enable you to get relevant financial information about your company faster, so you can make the best decisions and grow your company. This helps cut down on unnecessary resources and can also help accounting teams to work more efficiently.

Scale Your Business with Today’s Technology

Technological changes improve operations and processes across your organization. Don’t be afraid to change or upgrade your tech stack, systems, software and tools. Let go of the manual and repetitive tasks and make use of the best technology today to propel your business towards growth.

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