About Thejas Jagannath

Thejas has completed Master of Planning from New Zealand. She has written widely about city planning issues. Her main area of interest is in planning theory, public spaces and humanistic based planning. Thejas has also published academically in peer-reviewed journals. She is part of the Planning Tank team and has contributed over 40 articles on various city planning issues.

Thejas has written 48 articles so far, you can find them below.

Jane Jacob’s vision for cities

Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs grew to fame after her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities. But what really was her vision? To create a social hub and community-oriented cities rather than cities that are built for vehicles and transport. She encouraged liveability rather than convenience. Her famous quote “eyes on the street” suggests that

The growth of LED lighting for cities worldwide

New York City Light

Lighting is becoming a prominent electric component used to illuminate cities worldwide. Public lighting accounts for nearly 50% of the electricity consumption in cities and 19% of global electricity use. The major sources of light that have been consistently used throughout the world are electrical filaments, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), plasma, incandescent lamps or gas which

What does India need to do to create more happy cities?

Happy People

A happy city is a city that offers people the facilities to be themselves and express their true nature. Building more public spaces can contribute to creating happy cities. City streets and the mobility systems such as creating more walking spaces can increase the health and happiness of citizens. Far too many citizens suffer from

The growing culture of street art in India

Street Art - Lodhi Colony

Street art is gaining stem in India. Murals are becoming common throughout the world to spread messages and create meanings to the general public. Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are some of the cities that are heavily investing in street art to beautify their cities while conveying important messages behind the art. In some instances the

Impact of Smart Cities on India | Opinion

Khan Riverfront Development

Introduction Smart City is a concept that brings people’s use of technology and city development together. The Smart City Mission organised by the Government of India has a total of 99 winning proposals and has a budget of over 201979 Crores which will affect over 99,486,840 of the Indian population.  This feat will vastly improve

Increased use of Smart phone in India for Cab Booking

mobile-phone growth

India is the second largest user of smart phones in the world after China.  As access to smart phones are not affordable by most of the population, there are services that are revolutionising the mobile industry with very cheap tariffs and affordable mobile phones so that the population can be connected. India has crossed almost