Thejas Jagannath

Thejas has completed Master of Planning from New Zealand. She has written widely about city planning issues. Her main area of interest is in planning theory, public spaces and humanistic based planning. Thejas has also published academically in peer-reviewed journals. She is part of the Planning Tank team and has contributed over 50 articles on various city planning issues.

Henri Lefebvre's Production of Spaces

Henri Lefebvre’s Production of Space

Introduction Henri Lefebvre is one of the pioneering French social theorists. His works have been cited by many urban planners, particularly those involved in social space and everyday city life. Lefebvre wrote numerous books and essays on city structures. He was a professor of sociology at University of Strasbourg and the New University at Nanterre. …

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Climate Change

Climate Change Action in Asia

Introduction Climate change is influencing people and communities around the world, particularly in Asia. From many decades climate change is continuing to have significant impact on people particularly those living in cities. Almost 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are being produced by cities around the world and a third of this is being produced by …

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