About Thejas Jagannath

Thejas has completed Master of Planning from New Zealand. She has written widely about city planning issues. Her main area of interest is in planning theory, public spaces and humanistic based planning. Thejas has also published academically in peer-reviewed journals. She is part of the Planning Tank team and has contributed over 40 articles on various city planning issues.

Thejas has written 48 articles so far, you can find them below.

Brownfield Development – Background, Setbacks and Examples

Brownfield Development - Developing Land

Background to Brownfield Development Brownfield Development is a term in urban planning which includes land that has previously been contaminated or used by industrial waste that has now become vacant and unused. It is a term that is opposite to its counterpart of Greenfield Development. However, Brownfield Development can be regenerated and used again if

Tips for Promoting Healthy Cities

Healthy City Urban Greening

Urban planning is related to health in many ways. From the house we live, to the pavement we walk in, our health is affected almost on a daily basis. The place or city we live in and the facilities they offer in healthcare are also important in determining our healthy lifestyles. For instance, cities that

Tips for Writing a Thesis

How to write a good thesis

Writing a thesis can be hard if you’re not used to writing a lot of words or if you don’t have prior research experience. Most Master’s and Ph.D. require a thesis component and if doing higher studies is one of your goals then you will have to get used to the knack of writing and

Tips to Encourage Walking in Cities

Walking People

Walkability is a term that is often used in urban planning in the present generation. More and more cities are making use of parks and other spaces including malls and apartment buildings to provide a space for people to walk. Walking in a city is a great way to exercise and also explore the city

Lessons from New Zealand’s Resource Management Act (RMA)

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development is gaining pace around the world. One example of sustainable development is New Zealand’s Resource Management Act (RMA) which is not only exemplary in achieving sustainability in resources but New Zealand is a country which has provided free water for nearly all its residents because of its sustainability model. New Zealand’s natural resources

5 Benefits of Living in Cities

City Life

City living can have many positive impacts compared to rural life. Because of these benefits, most of the world’s population live in cities now. While the rural lifestyle is less stressful, city lifestyle has a lot of people and more opportunities for people. It’s more likely people will walk in parks or get more exercise