About Thejas Jagannath

Thejas has completed Master of Planning from New Zealand. She has written widely about city planning issues. Her main area of interest is in planning theory, public spaces and humanistic based planning. Thejas has also published academically in peer-reviewed journals. She is part of the Planning Tank team and has contributed over 40 articles on various city planning issues.

Thejas has written 52 articles so far, you can find them below.

John Friedman’s Theories of Economic Planning

John Friedman - Urban Planner

John Friedman was one of the pioneers of urban planning department in a few American Universities including in UCLA. He recently passed away in June 2017 but had an indelible impact on Urban Planning in the States and worldwide. He was an Honorary and Emeritus professor in Canada and USA. He received his Ph.D. from

Top 5 buildings by Le Corbusier

United Nations Headquarters, New York City

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier, was one of the best and most radical architects in history. His buildings and design have left a lasting impression in planning for city spaces. He has also had an impact on Indian cities where he transformed Chandigarh into one of the best-planned cities in the world during

Edward Soja’s Theories of Urban Space

Edward Soja

Introduction Edward William Soja was one of the well-known geographers and urban planners of recent decades. He was a distinguished professor in the London School of Economics and recently passed away in 2015. He is one of the most honored planners of the contemporary world. He is famous for his concept of Third Space which

Tips for Publishing in an Academic Journal

Publishing in Journal

Before you publish in a journal, you will already have a background and expertise in a subject such as planning. Since journals are mostly academically oriented, you will have to have clear ideas that you want to express in words and images in a long-form format. Usually, you will work with a team of researches

5 Good Books on Transport

Public Transport - Train

Introduction Everyone is familiar with transport and has their own unique experience with the concept of transport and travel. Whether it is busses, trains or airplane, transport is an important part of our lifestyle. As it is a wide concept and one that is clearly important not only in urban planning but for everyone’s daily

4 Metro Systems Transforming India

Underground Metro

Metros or subways are increasing in cities worldwide. New York and London were one of the first cities in the world to have efficient railway systems and are still one of the best in the world. But even Indian cities are catching up with cities such as Bangalore still in the recent stages of getting