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Public Interest in Planning - Slum Clearance

What is a Slum

What is a Slum ? Slums are a physical and spatial sign of urban poverty. Individuals living in slums have next to zero access to administrations, for example, water, sanitation, and solid waste gathering. The majority of the lodging structures in slums are sub-standard and don’t conform to neighborhood building regulations. Frequently, slum occupants need …

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Monopolistic Competition 1

Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic Competition is a form of imperfect competition in which one selling/buying firm dominates the market. This firm regulates the prices in the market as no other firm is large enough to make significant changes to price. Characteristics: Large number of firms in the industry May have some element of control over price due to …

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Perfect Competition 1

Perfect Competition

Perfect competition in economics refers to condition in market in an ideal situation. In this situation price for all goods and services are decided by market on basis of competition and no external intervention takes place. Characteristics of perfect competition  are given below: Perfect Competition It is one extreme of the market structure spectrum Characteristics: …

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