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PEST analysis of the airline industry

Recently most of the aviation industry across the globe is facing a problem of increasing operational cost and a decrease in profits and revenues. The airline segment is currently facing different challenges like regulatory frameworks, demanding customers, and high operational costs. Now, these characteristics are not exposed to the naked eyes of the passengers, but …

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STEEP analysis template

STEEP analysis template

The STEEP analysis is a great way to achieve a complete perspective of the market. Downhill in the economy and lack of innovation investment may lead to a negative impact on the strategic alternatives of an organization. STEEP is the acronym for Social, Tech, Economical, Ecological, and Political. To know and obtain a better overview …

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PESTLE analysis

What is PESTLE Analysis?

PESTLE analysis is a framework of macro-environmental elements like Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental that are utilized in the environmental scanning component for the strategic management. It is an external strategic analysis during market research and represents an overview of the above factors that need to be taken into consideration. PESTLE analysis is …

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environmental protection policies

What are environmental protection policies?

Environmental Policies form a foundation of the environmental improvements that are to be made by mass support and willpower. Environmental policies are a measure by the government or any public or private organization. It is to restore the damages caused to the environment and protect it from further damages. The beginning of environmental policies prevailed …

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STEEPLE analysis

What is STEEPLE analysis?

STEEPLE analysis is a planning tool for marketing strategies. STEEPLE is an advanced analysis as it measures the macro-environmental external factors. It offers a detailed overview of different external fields. The acronym for STEEPLE analysis stands for Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical. This analysis gives practical insight into each of the above …

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environmental sustainability in construction

What is environmental sustainability in construction?

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, explains sustainable construction to be the operation of constructing the structures without the usage of toxic or natural resources and also without harming the environment. Construction procedures utilize environmentally effective and energy-efficient materials for the property’s durability while engaging in the process of construction, operation, design, …

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DEEPLIST analysis - Coca Cola

DEEPLIST analysis for Coca Cola

DEEPLIST depicts demographics, economics, environment or ecological, political, legal, informational, social, technological attributes that offer an analysis regarding the handling of any organization. A DEEPLIST analysis offers an effective analysis which decreases the threat of being oblivion to any essential part of the surrounding in which companies can operate. Demographic aspects portray that any company …

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