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The Contemporary Issues of Urban Management

Concept of Urban Management

Introduction- History & need of Urban Management The newly evolving concept of urban management is closely associated with the role of city government, and with a constant change in political and economic structures of the society (Irena, 2014). There is a mixture of a city being too decentralized over the issues of coherent planning and

Mixed Use Development | Demand, Barrier & Implementation

Mixed Use Development

Introduction – Need for mixed use development The need of having mixed use arised due to various reasons. There was a significant lifestyle change that occurred in the mid-20th century due to sedentary habits of the people during that time and which continued till date (Schmitz and Scully 2006). This resulted in the design of

Sustainable Architecture: A System Approach

Green Economy

Introduction: Understanding Sustainable Architecture Considering the system approach, sustainable architecture can be viewed as a practice of architectural discipline, which seems to arise as concepts and strategies based on common themes of sustainability (Bennetts, Radford, & Williamson, 2002). This process of change in the institutional settings depends on the continuation, small shifts, fundamental transformations, or