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How is Corporate Travel changing the face of Tourism

Corporate Travel

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. It is responsible for employing a large number of people. The studies on tourism industry employment suggest that it accounts for the employment of 22 percent of the people in the services sector. Last year the travel and tourism industry directly contributed an aggregate of

How Cities Are Getting Smart Using Artificial Intelligence

Smart Cities Using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals with the use of machines that act in similar (or maybe higher) intellectual capacities as humans. It is a term most often used for machines that replicate cognitive human abilities in relating to their environment and other humans. Artificially intelligent computers are designed for certain things, some of which include learning, problem-solving,

10 Tips for writing good research paper

Writing Research

Writing is an art, and not all have the penchant for writing. But considering how writing is an integral and indispensable part of our lives, mastering the art become very important. Be it as a student or a professional – writing can never be redundant in any sphere of our lives. From writing an essay

Digital Elevation Model

Digital Elevation Model

All the imageries that are collected, be it the satellite imageries or UAV data, all are 2D imagery. But for relevant study, it is at times required to understand the images in a more realistic approach. Hence, to understand better and make the images real, elevation is required. Elevation can be used for a lot

Importance of having a business database

database system

Making the most efficient business database In the world of business marketing today, a lot of our activities are entirely dependent on electronics. People will tend to have a list of several electrical data from the simple email to the text messages. The financial records, the academic and also the medical records of an individual