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Best locations to buy a luxury penthouse in Mumbai


Considering buying a penthouse in Mumbai? Mumbai is one of the best locations to invest in luxury real estate. There are a few locations where you’ll find quite a few ultra-luxury apartments in Mumbai from leading real estate developers. In fact, the luxury housing market is the biggest in Mumbai arguably since the city is

Importance of Making Company Specific CV/Resume

Importance of making Company Specific Resume

While searching for a perfect job, your resume is a highly influencing tool. Every year hundreds of people don’t get their dream job just because they didn’t present themselves well in their resume. A recruiter or your prospective employer spends less than 30 seconds on your resume. Those 30 seconds will decide if you will

What is meant by Environmental Education?

Environmental Education

Environmental Education is a multidisciplinary field that integrates subjects such as Biology, Ecology, Geography, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and others. It aims to teach how the natural ecosystem functions and how it can be managed effectively to create a sustainable environment for all to live in. The Human impact on the earth’s ecosystem has

Millennium Development Goals

Understanding Urban Economics

In the year 2000 the Millennium Summit of the United Nations was held which was attended by 191-member countries. Following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration 8 goals were established called as the Millennium Development Goals which were aimed for the overall development and upliftment of all the Nations especially the developing and

What are the health and environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar Energy

Sunlight, being free and easily accessible is an excellent source to generate energy. Mainly, if we compare it to fossil fuels, which require a whole effort of mining, extraction, and transportation, this not only is time-consuming but also comes with pollution and other environmental assaults. Nowadays, solar energy is being consumed by homes and businesses

8 Hottest Education Research Topics of 2018

Research Topics

Education is the only imperative for a generation to be progressive, liberal and smart. With the emergence of augmented reality in the realm of education, and e-learning firms offering additional academic assignment help, the world has witnessed some major changes over the past years. Moreover, with public schools spending more than $3 billion per year