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Artificial Intelligence Chip Market Progresses with Rise in AI Investments and Demand for Efficient Computing

AI chip

Importance of Artificial Intelligence Chip Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into almost sphere. The day is not far when the technology will rule the entire world. AI finds application in medical diagnosis, surgeries, self-driving cars, smart homes and gadgets, identification of criminals, making trading decisions, the creation of drugs, water quality monitoring, and

10 amazing ways to help students develop digital fluency

Building Digital Fluency

One of the many responsibilities of a teacher is to know how to make the most of technology in a balanced way. This is specifically important, as the learners need to be equipped with digital fluency. But, the teachers also have to be mindful about eliminating the digital distraction. It can be done only by

Best Online Business to Earn Maximum Profit

Online Business

In this day and age, with the advent of technology and internet, almost anyone can start an online business and venture into money-making by just sitting at their homes. This does not require technical knowledge about things like programming, nor do you need a vast knowledge about marketing strategies. It is a process where one

Infographic Tips from the PROs

Infographic Tips

It’s no secret that Infographics are a popular form of visual communication – but the most impressive fact of all may be that they’re actually getting more popular as time goes on. According to one recent study conducted by Forbes, nearly 74% of marketing professionals today say that they rely heavily on materials like Infographics

7 Best Ideas to Make Money Online

Developing App

Whether you are a student who is trying to work while doing your studies, or an adult who is trying to earn a full-fledged income, the internet is here to save your day! Under the carapace of online money-making there are multitude of options for you to choose from. Not all jobs require you to exhibit

The Risks and Rewards Associated with Equity Shares

Stock Market

Equity investing is all about a risk-return trade-off. When you have a longer-term perspective, you buy higher returns by taking on higher risk. Equity shares as an asset class entail higher risk compared to bonds or liquid funds. But in the long-term, they do give higher returns with substantially lower risk levels. In the long run,