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A Complete Guide to Writing A Successful Business Loan Proposal

Business Loan Proposal

Whether you are starting a business or already have a business, in order to get funds, you need a good business loan proposal. This key document helps you get the loan with good interest rates and other conditions. However, even the best of businesses sometimes have trouble writing one. So, if you want to create

What is Population Geography?

Projected population in urban areas and growth rates from 2018 to 2030

Population Geography is the study of the demography from a geographical perspective. Population Geography helps to understand the various facets pertaining to the spatial variation in the distribution of the human population across the Earth with reference to the physical, cultural and socio-economic environment. Post World War II there was increasing availability of population data

Examples of Environmental Sustainability

Smart City

Nature has a tremendous capacity to sustain itself. Be it the maintenance of the soil fertility or the process of forestation, when left alone nature can rejuvenate itself to its original self. However, the speed at which the natural resources are getting depleted, it is not possible for nature to sustain itself anymore. To ensure

What is Information Management?


There is no clear definition of the term “Information Management” primarily because there are different interpretations of the term management and the term information. The term “Information” in general refers to data that is of relevance and is knowledge-based which can be utilized for some purpose. “Management” refers to managerial functions like planning, organizing, implementing, staffing, controlling and

When is the best time to buy or sell a home?

Real Estate and Block Chain

Buying or selling a property is not to arrive and take away. Like any financial decision, it requires analysis and patience. Good planning will allow you to buy a house at a good price, or sell a property at a value that generates profits. However, your strategy will not work if you choose a bad

Population Explosion | Meaning, Reasons & Effects


There has been a rapid growth of the human population in the last century due to the difference in the birth rate and the mortality rates. In the next one decade, the population of the world is expected to grow by another billion. The impact of uncontrolled population growth impacts not just a section of