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Development plan

Smart Cities Using AI

The population of the world is increasing day by day and this is putting a strain on the existing infrastructure. The available land has now become only for residential purposes and agriculture is shrinking with every passing day. Forest areas are getting encroached to meet the ever-increasing demand for food and accommodation. With the crowding

Population density

Population Density NASA

Population density is the measurement of the number of people living in a square area. Population density is also used with reference to plant and animal population as well in the understanding of ecology. However, it is a common measurement used on the human population. It is found that favorable conditions like suitable land for

What is Population Pyramid?

Population Pyramid

A Population Pyramid is basically a graphical representation of the distribution of various age groups in males and females in a region. It is also frequently called the “age-sex pyramid”. The male population is shown on the left of the pyramid and the female on the right. It can be represented with numerical values of

Interior Design Across Time and Space: Baroque versus Art Nouveau


Stylistic movements over time are most often underpinned by political, social and or economic reasoning. The rise and fall of both the Restoration style and Art Nouveau came at times of political and social turbulence. Does this give us any indication of where art and design might go? How strong are the links between politics

Why Is Flexibility So Important For New Homes?

Affordable Housing

There is a new trend which dictates that the homes should be these flexible living spaces which can adapt to any situation, lifestyle, family, and needs. For smaller homes, this is even more important because they can’t waste any space. These flexible spaces can be rooms that can be a combination of an office, guest

What is LIDAR?

Importance Remote Sensing

LIDAR is a remote sensing technology that stands for light detection and ranging which uses the pulse from a laser to collect data that helps to measure and create 3D models and maps of distant objects and environments. A LIDAR system works in a way that is similar to radar and sonar but instead of