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7 Best Ideas to Make Money Online

Developing App

Whether you are a student who is trying to work while doing your studies, or an adult who is trying to earn a full-fledged income, the internet is here to save your day! Under the carapace of online money-making there are multitude of options for you to choose from. Not all jobs require you to exhibit

The Risks and Rewards Associated with Equity Shares

Stock Market

Equity investing is all about a risk-return trade-off. When you have a longer-term perspective, you buy higher returns by taking on higher risk. Equity shares as an asset class entail higher risk compared to bonds or liquid funds. But in the long-term, they do give higher returns with substantially lower risk levels. In the long run,

How E-Learning Can Help Us Stay Relevant in the Age of Automation?

E-Learning and Role of Education

Do you know that earth’s largest ape species, Gigantopithecus went extinct because it could not adapt to climate change at that time (approximately 100,000 years ago)? Interestingly, Gigantopithecus was not the only species to go extinct because of the lack of adaptability to change. Throughout history, anyone who has failed to adapt to the changing

The Transformation of Desktop 3D Printing

3D Printers

The past few years have seen the steady growth of an industry that created a lot a lot of noise, hype and promises a decade ago only to fade from existence seemingly. The return of 3D printing has come with a bang and is staking its claim to be the way forward in global manufacturing. A

Roof Tiles – An Essential Component in Buildings

Solar Roof Tiles

A roof is one of the most essential parts of a building. Besides providing protection from outside elements such as heat, pollution, wind, rain, and snow, it also plays an important role in controlling the interior temperature of a building. Therefore, it is important to choose roofing materials that are robust and durable. Moreover, with

7 Benefits of Business Management Software

Business Management Software

The task of managing a business is never easy. You have to deal with a number of things every day, production, logistics, sales, customer databases, payroll, and accounting, etc. To perform all these activities with absolute perfection, you need to hire several highly educated, well-trained, experienced and professional experts, which comes at a great price.