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Land pooling- Advantages & Disadvantages

Land Pool

Land pooling is a technique for stimulating efficient and even-handed land development in the urban area. This concept is worked out in many nations of the word and this concept is at least 200 years old. The concept has been more popularly utilized in Korea and Japan in the recent times. This concept is more

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) | Meaning, Methods, Pros & Cons

Importance of data processing

What is Electronic Data Processing Electronic data processing, also known as EDP, is a frequently used term for automatic information processing. It uses the computers to manipulate, record, classification and to summarize data. If someone asks what is electronic data processing, then EPD meaning can be described as the processing of data using electronic means

Satellite City

Satellite City Structure

The satellite city is one of the popular concepts in the urban planning. It is the small metropolitan area is located near to the large metropolitan area. The satellite town has the traditional downtown that surrounded by the neighborhoods of inner city.  It is the concept of the satellite that the man made satellite was

The Art of Academic Writing: Tips on Writing Research Paper

What is Coursework? | Definition, Meaning & keypoints!

Introduction Writing academic papers might be a hard task to do when the vocabulary one possesses is considered to be not enough. Academic papers usually require a high level of the language command and are checked with scrutiny and carefulness by supervisors. It also applies to a Research Paper (RP) and can give some troubled

Greenfield Development


What is Greenfield Development? As the name suggests, the prospect of developing a Greenfield land or land that has not been used before for various different types of projects is called Greenfield development. As cities and towns grow and the population of human beings grows all over the world, more and more Greenfield land is