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How Games Can Act As a Stress Buster for Students and Professionals

Gaming Social Aspect

Ever since the industrial revolution era where it became essential to diversify in terms of occupations, the 9-5 routine was established which started out way worse than it is now. Individuals would work 12-hour stretches on their day jobs. Some would extend this burden overnight in an attempt to make ends meet during those hard

How Inadequate Sleep Affects Work Productivity

Inadequate Sleep Less Productivity

Find yourself needing a morning cup of coffee followed by more in the afternoon to get you through the day? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, the lack of sufficient sleep is seen to cause some effects to the economy at large. This is, therefore, a national menace which if not addressed per individual level;

Satellite City

Satellite City Structure

A satellite is a reference derived from astronomy which is a study of space and celestial objects. As a definition, an artificial satellite is an object that is sent to space which is within the orbit of the earth but not part of the earth. Planets in space often have natural satellites that are within

Time-Management Hacks for Every College Student

Effective Time Management

Whether you are a fresher at a college or a fourth-year senior, managing time to complete everything can be a challenge. Usually, students who are unable to handle the nitty-gritty of this busyness become victim of depression, stress or substance abuse. On the other hand, the students who manage to surpass this phase are often

The Art of Academic Writing: Tips on Writing Research Paper

Introduction Writing academic papers might be a hard task to do when the vocabulary one possesses is considered to be not enough. Academic papers usually require a high level of the language command and are checked with scrutiny and carefulness by supervisors. It also applies to a Research Paper (RP) and can give some troubled

Greenfield Development


Greenfield development is a term often used for land that has not been used before for any human activity like agriculture or real estate development. What is Greenfield Land? Greenfield Land is generally land where there is no development of any kind. These open fields evolve on their own volition and are often sprawling expanses