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Geddesian Triad

Patrick Geddes

Introduction to Geddesian Triad Sir Patrick Geddes Theory is self-explanatory. Geddes was thinking about the relation between people and the places and their impacts on each other.  He mentioned that people may not just need to have a good shelter, but they also do have a need for food, work, and some social life. They

Unlocking the potential of cloud GIS in Forestry using new EOS Platform

In the era of cloud computing, running a satellite imagery analysis online has become a reality. With cloud solutions like EOS Platform pioneering in the Earth observation market, ENVI and Erdas Imagine software are not the only options anymore. EOS Data Analytics designed a new GIS platform for all geospatial-data related tasks, from basic remote sensing

Reasons to Install Solar Energy for Cost Efficiency

Solar Panel Installation

The future of domestic power supply is here, and with it, the golden age of investment in solar has finally arrived. The privilege to utilize the sun’s rays at home is now a commodity that grew by 30 percent in the period from 2016 to 2017 alone. Its inversely proportional price-to-efficiency relation is working in

Do Presentations Have a Place in Social Media Marketing?

Presentation and Social Media

By now, it should be abundantly clear that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are one of the most powerful tools that you have when it comes to forging a deeper, more organic and more valuable connection with your target audience. But are all types of content created equally on social media?

What is Information Processing Theory?

Processing Info

Information processing theory is all about the mechanism via which the process of learning takes place. Particularly it concentrates on the various aspects of the retrieval and memory encoding. The main fundamental idea of this theory I that the human mind is just like a computer or the data processor, instead of the behavioral ideas

Analyzing the Analog and Digital Data Processing

Data Processing - Understanding Data

Analog Analog is defined as relating to using singles or information by a mean variable and physical quantity like voltage, spital position etc. Analog signals have the discrete time or two alternate frameworks within which to model variable that over time. For example, Analog signals have an audio signal it is represented as sound typically