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The Art of Academic Writing: Tips on Writing Research Paper

Introduction Writing academic papers might be a hard task to do when the vocabulary one possesses is considered to be not enough. Academic papers usually require a high level of the language command and are checked with scrutiny and carefulness by supervisors. It also applies to a Research Paper (RP) and can give some troubled

Greenfield Development


Greenfield development is a term often used for land that has not been used before for any human activity like agriculture or real estate development. What is Greenfield Land? Greenfield Land is generally land where there is no development of any kind. These open fields evolve on their own volition and are often sprawling expanses

6 Tips for writing a better Thesis quickly

How to write a good thesis - write like a story

A thesis is a tremendously big piece of writing, probably the largest written task you are going to encounter throughout your academic career. To many students, finishing one at all, let alone on time, seems daunting, and as a result, they procrastinate, use their time inefficiently and, as a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, actually hand

The Implication of Career Test Online

Career Options

Career Test Online- Best Way To decide Your Career Not sure about which career to take up? Do not worry, there are millions of individuals who are not able to take a decision on which career will suit them the best. With the world becoming modernized, people today have thousands of opportunities in all streams

How to Write a Personal Statement and it’s Main Aims

Writing Personal Statement

Universities often require applicants to submit a personal statement along with the other basic requirements such as the transcript, letter of recommendation, and the results of qualifying exams. A personal statement is an essay that discusses the applicant’s goals in terms of higher education and their chosen career path. The essay is meant to measure