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Development plan & scope of development Plan as per UDPFI Guidelines

Development plan & scope of development Plan as per UDPFI Guidelines

What is a Development Plan Development plan prepared within the framework of the approved perspective plan is a medium-term (5 years) comprehensive plan of spatio-economic development of the urban centre. The objective of a development plan is to provide further necessary details and intended actions in the form of strategies and physical proposals for various

Scope & Purpose of Perspective Plan as per UDPFI guidelines

Perspective Plan

What is a Perspective Plan Perspective planning is a blueprint regarding the objectives and targets of long run growth. The perspective plan is not just a plan, rather to attain certain objectives and targets; the perspective plan is divided into certain smaller plans. A Perspective Plan is a long term (20-25 years) written document supported by

Design principles for road Intersections


Design principles of Intersections Intersection design is an important task. They need to be designed carefully after considering a number of factors. Some of the main design principles are mentioned below- Uniformity and Simplicity– Intersections must be designed and operated for simplicity and uniformity. The design must keep the capabilities and limitation of drivers, pedestrians