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Sustainable Development Goals: Assam -2030 in light of SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

It was our first day as interns in Planning and Development Department of Assam in Gauhati (Guwahati) and we were clueless about what actually sustainable development goals were and how would we as planning students could have a contribution towards it. Little did I know that SDGs is related to planning at the core.  Let

Loss of walkable cities

Loss of walkable cities

A brief history – What went wrong? Once cities were meant to be a workplace for its residents but as the technology advanced the characteristics of cities changed. The famous neighbourhood concept which aimed at providing all required facilities at walkable distance faded. Industrial revolution changed all aspects of life including the way people commuted. A

Importance of Environmental Education for Saving Environment

Environmental Education

Environmental education deals with the need to protect the environment because global warming, pollution, and many other issues are ruining our environment badly. We know the importance of a healthy environment, and we should take all the possible measures to keep our environment healthy. One of the most effective means to promote healthy environment is

Urban Planning – A largely unknown profession

Urban Planning - Unknown Profession

I am an Urban Planner by profession. A lesser-known profession in a modern world. Yes, it is indeed a profession which remains largely unknown to the general public and even to the concerned agencies. This is a major setback for the profession, and the gravity of the problem might not reflect in mere words. Who is

Data processing cycle | Stages, Diagram and Flowchart

Data Processing Cycle

All the virtual world is a form of data which is continuously being processed. This processing forms a cycle called data processing cycle and delivered to the user for providing information. “Data” is the next big thing which is set to cause a revolution. The growth of various sectors depends on the availability and processing