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Prefurbia – Reinventing Land Development | Disdainable to sustainable!


Prefurbia – The idea behind LandMentor Prefurbia is about efficiency. By adhering only to minimums we have built a world with excessive infrastructure adding to the economic and environmental burden caused by bad design. Imagine developing a new world with far less paving and infrastructure all while maintaining density. We typically average 25% less infrastructure when Prefurbia

India and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

India became a member of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on 10th June 1992 and ratified it on 1st November 1993. As per the UNFCCC, developing nations such as India are not required to bind to the Green House Gas (GHG) mitigation commitments because of their small GHG emissions and because of

Issues and Challenges of Parking in Indian Metropolises by Avnika Nagar

A city can be friendly to people or it can be friendly to cars, but it can’t be both. – Enrique Peñalosa Need for the study Economic and population growth have led to rapid urbanization and changes in the metropolitan infrastructures. Rapid motorisation and inadequate space to support it are one of the most important factors influencing the

World’s coolest Bus Stop: books, rooftop garden & swing | Singapore

Singapore has just shown the world how it’s done! Political willingness and creativity blends in to create one of the most creative piece of urban infrastructure. Although Singapore have decent bus stops when compared to other countries but the efforts never stop. Recently a collaboration between government and an architectural firm gave birth to this

National Urbanisation Policy in India

National Urbanisation Policy in India The Independent India has been urbanizing very fast. At the end of 20th century the pattern of urbanization in India has been a spatially and structurally unbalanced one. It has been felt from the beginning of the planning era to achieve a coordinated and regulated urbanization pattern in India commensurate