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Chandigarh Master Plan by Le Corbusier

Chandigarh Master Plan

Chandigarh Master Plan by Le Corbusier Chandigarh master plan was made by Le Corbusier. He conceived the Chandigarh Master Plan as analogous to human body, with a clearly defined head (the Capitol Complex, Sector 1), heart (the City Centre Sector-17), lungs (the leisure valley, innumerable open spaces and sector greens), the intellect (the cultural and educational

Development Plan – Example of Kanpur Developmet Plan

Development Plan

Introduction-Kanpur Development Plan Development Plan of Kanpur is being made under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), which is a city-based programme, to build the capacity of cities for better urban management. It will cover 63 cities over a period of seven years starting from 2005-06. The JNNURM aims to provide an incentive

Need of studying Fertility in Demography

Fertility concerns the addition of new members to a population by birth; that is, the actual performance of a population in bearing children. It is one of the components of population change. Births and deaths are technically referred to as fertility and mortality in demography. It differs from fecundity, which refers to the physiological capability

Traffic Island | Purpose and Importance

What is a traffic island? Traffic Island can be a physical structure or a painted object found on roads and roadside. The primary purpose of a traffic island is better & orderly flow of traffic. These are also referred to as channelizers as these “channelizes” the traffic plying on the road. These may be raised

Impact of migration on different classes of towns in India

What is migration?   Migration A migration is defined as a move from one migration defining area  to another that was made during a given migration interval and that involved a change of residence. The movement which is purely temporary in nature, like, visiting religious places, official tour, medical treatment etc., are not to be