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Various Types of Pollution – Air, Water, Soil, Noise etc (with images)

Types of Pollution

There are various types of pollution which affect our lives on daily basis. Environmental pollution is one the most significant challenges that the world is facing in our day. Without a doubt, Environmental pollution has existed for centuries. But, it began to be a severe issue following the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Pollution

Hoyt Model or Sector Model (1939) of Urban Land Use by Homer Hoyt

Hoyt Model or sector model

Urban areas have always been an area of research and caught the attention of scholars and academicians. Homer Hoyt gave sector model which is also known as Hoyt model in 1939 explains how cities grew. As we witness the population growth it is becoming more and more essential to understand how cities work. Studies on patterns

Land suitability Analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS: Case Study- AVKUDA

Title: Land suitability Analysis for Urban Plan Preparation Using Remote Sensing and GIS (A Case of Anand-Vidyanagar-Karamsad Development Plan) Authors: Mehul Darshak, Assitant Professor, D.C.Patel School of Architecture, APIED, Campus V.V.Nagar, India Rajansinh Zala, Visiting Faculty, Bhaikaka Cetnre for Human Settlement, APIED, Campus, V.V.Nagar, India Manthan Bhandari, Assistant Professor, Architecture Department, Laxmi Institute of Architecture, Sarigam, India Prof. (Dr.)

National Digital Library of India by MHRD & IIT Kharagpur

National Digital Library of India

The National Digital Library of India is an integration platform for schools, colleges, universities, teachers, students, lecturers, differentially abled pupils and anybody who has a willingness to learn. We hope to facilitate e-learning for students everywhere with the help of technologically enhanced learning design and the support of Digital India. It is a huge collection of