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Transit Oriented Development

Transit Oriented Development

What is Transit Oriented Development? Transit oriented Development is designed to maximize access to public transport in a residential, commercial or mixed-use area. Ultimately, they discourage an individual’s auto-dependency and promote transit ridership, thereby alleviating traffic congestion,  improving air quality, and limiting carbon emissions. A Transit oriented Development neighbourhood typically has a center with a train station,

Delineation of formal region

Delineation of Formal region

Delineation of Formal regions Regional delineation is the first step in the preparation of any regional development plan to ensure tentative operational area of planning. With in the planning region the frame of all regional studies could be undertaken and development envisaged. Delineation of formal regions involves the grouping together of local units which have similar characteristics

Examples of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

Some examples of Public Private Partnership projects in transport sector in India Some of the well-known Public Private Partnership projects in India are mentioned below. SECOND VIVEKANANDA BRIDGE (now Sister Nivedita Bridge) in Kolkota: This bridge is one the first BOT projects, undertaken in 1995. The concession agreement was signed in September;2002. The consortium members are

Road Intersection & Types of Road Intersections


What is an Road Intersection? Road Intersection is where two or more roads meet and or are the points of potential vehicle conflict. They are critical element of a road section. They are normally a major bottleneck to smooth flow of traffic and a major accident spot. The general principles of design in both rural and

What are living walls | Benefits of living walls

Living Walls

What are living walls? Vertical Landscapes in terms of modular green walls add life and art to the interiors and exteriors of building envelopes, providing architects, designers and property owners with new creative possibilities.When many people first hear the term “living walls,” they think of ivy covered houses and other buildings. Though the appearance might

Demography, sources and availability of demographic data

Demography: Demography is the statistical study of human populations. Demographic characteristics of a country provide an overview of its population size, composition territorial distribution, changes therein and the components of changes such as nativity, mortality, and social mobility. Demography is important for town planners due to need of forecasting and planning for the people. People are