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Traffic Island | Purpose and Importance

What is a traffic island? Traffic Island can be a physical structure or a painted object found on roads and roadside. The primary purpose of a traffic island is better & orderly flow of traffic. These are also referred to as channelizers as these “channelizes” the traffic plying on the road. These may be raised

Impact of migration on different classes of towns in India

What is migration?   Migration A migration is defined as a move from one migration defining area  to another that was made during a given migration interval and that involved a change of residence. The movement which is purely temporary in nature, like, visiting religious places, official tour, medical treatment etc., are not to be

Town Planning Concepts in Early 20th Century

Town Planning Concepts in Early 20th Century Early 20th century marked the beginning of New Town Planning Concepts given by various prominent architects and town planners. New suggestions were given on change in material used for construction, form of city development on the basis of their function, concept of zoning evolved. Different architects gave various

Effect of Air Pollution on Plants

Air Pollution effects plants also in number of harmful ways just like humans. The various toxic gases which are released in atmosphere triggers harmful chemical reactions. The burning of hydrocarbons in motor vehicle engines gives rise to CO2, CO, SO2 (sulfur dioxide), NOx (NO [nitrogen monoxide]) and NO2 in varying proportions—and C2H4 (ethylene), as well as

Types of water pollution

Water Pollution

Types of Water Pollution There are number of pollutents responsible for deteriorating quality of water. Some of the pollutents responsible for water pollution are mentioned below: a)   Pathogenic pollution: – Pathogenic pollution is pollution of a system by disease causing organisms called pathogens. Marine and freshwater systems can become polluted by polluted runoff or untreated

What is Counter Urbanisation

What do you understand by Counter Urbanisation? Urban growth or urbanisation refers to the growth in urban population in an area over the period of time. Whereas counter urbanisation is said to occur when an urban area starts losing its population or when there is decrease in the population of an urban area. In other