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Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic Competition is a form of imperfect competition in which one selling/buying firm dominates the market. This firm regulates the prices in the market as no other firm is large enough to make significant changes to price. Characteristics: Large number of firms in the industry May have some element of control over price due to

Perfect Competition

Perfect competition in economics refers to condition in market in an ideal situation. In this situation price for all goods and services are decided by market on basis of competition and no external intervention takes place. Characteristics of perfect competition  are given below: Perfect Competition It is one extreme of the market structure spectrum Characteristics:

Air Pollution – Effects of domestic & Industrial Wastes

Link between industrialization and urbanization

Air Pollution – Effects of domestic & Industrial Wastes The major problem that the atmosphere is being subjected to is pollution. In India, about 100 million tons of pollutants are being added to the atmosphere annually. This figure is likely to go up in future. Polluted air is harmful to man and the biosphere on

Cluster Development

Cluster Development Cluster development also called open space development or conservation development, attempts to achieve balance between growth and preservation of open space in rural and suburban settings. It is done by clustering homes on a smaller proportion of land.  The additional land, which would normally be allocated to individual lots across the entire subdivision, becomes

Transit Oriented Development

Transit Oriented Development

What is Transit Oriented Development? Transit oriented Development is designed to maximize access to public transport in a residential, commercial or mixed-use area. Ultimately, they discourage an individual’s auto-dependency and promote transit ridership, thereby alleviating traffic congestion,  improving air quality, and limiting carbon emissions. A Transit oriented Development neighbourhood typically has a center with a train station,

Delineation of formal region

Delineation of Formal region

Delineation of Formal regions Regional delineation is the first step in the preparation of any regional development plan to ensure tentative operational area of planning. With in the planning region the frame of all regional studies could be undertaken and development envisaged. Delineation of formal regions involves the grouping together of local units which have similar characteristics