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Project Management and Risks Handling

Project Management

Project management and risk management share a couple of similarities. In project management, the focus is directed at initiating a new plan while enterprise risk management involves taking care of a prevailing threat. The two are correspondent, and they both require agility to achieve desired outcomes. How is Project Management Implemented? Project management is implemented

Some Customer Retention Strategies For Subscription Business

Customer Retention

Subscription business is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays because of the exciting offers that it provides to the customers. The best part of the subscription business is it is making the customers believe that they can make some short-term commitments and they are having the liberty of leaving it freely or cancel it anytime.

7 Tips for Creating Customer-Obsessed HR Tech

HR Tech

It is extremely challenging to make a high-quality decision while hiring an employee for any company. But companies need to develop an efficient employee recruiting team those who will follow proper hiring policies. One other thing which is essentially important in case of the recruiting process is to have a powerful HR Technology. Related: 7

Reasons why Urban Planning is important for cities

Urban Planning

Urban planning is the art of giving shape, design, and structure to cities and towns. It involves various processes like arrangement and designing of buildings, transport systems, public spaces as well as good amenities. Nowadays, it has become a much-needed discipline because cities are getting overpopulated day by day and resources are getting scarce. Because

5 ways to check if an employee is deceiving you!

Business Management

Hiring the right employees is crucial because they can help your business achieve its goals. As your business continues to grow, you are required to hire more employees to meet the demands of your deal. This can come with a variety of employee-related problems such as misconduct. Work misconduct can vary from theft to fraud,