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Solar Radio – Its Use & Advantages

Solar Radio

The solar radio is basically solar powered based radio and it first came into existence back in the 1950s when General Electric first made an experimental model having a weight of 50 ounces. The solar radio was capable of working without any electric or dc power. The radio was basically having an array of seven solar

What is Land Pooling?

Land Pooling

Pooling is a process of collecting parts in order to create something bigger. Land pooling occurs when landowners agree to give their land to an authority for development purposes. In return, landowners get certain benefits. Governments often create land pools when they plan infrastructure development. Private developers also create land pools for their future projects.

Changes and History of Regional Planning in India

History of Regional Planning India

The impetus that led to the origin of regional planning in India was the rapid urbanization and industrialization that India faced after independence in 1947. Along with this urbanization, regional disparities increased within rural and urban areas mainly in terms of concentration of economic opportunities. Apart from this, planning was practiced as piecemeal projects earlier

Spatial Planning & Spatial Integration

Integrated form of planning

Spatial Planning Spatial planning is the consideration of what can and should happen where. It investigates the interaction of different policies and practice across regional space, and sets the role of places in a wider context. It goes well beyond ‘traditional’ land-use planning and sets out a strategic framework to guide future development and policy

Guidelines for Sustainable Urban Regional Planning

Integrating the seven elements for assessment in terms of sustainable regional development

The guidelines are in two forms: the guidelines on integration of sustainability with planning process and guidelines for evaluating the development plan. That is, both the planning process and the plan should be guided and evaluated for sustainability. The guideline on integration of sustainability with the planning process is based on the extension of the