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Causes & Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution Cartoon

Your children are potentially breathing in toxins day and night, whether outside or inside your home. Generally, people associate air pollution with outside air, but according to the EPA, the level of indoor air pollution is estimated to be 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution. Considering that most children spend most of their time indoors, indoor

Top 5 World’s Largest Aviation Markets 2018

Top 5 World's Largest Aviation Markets

In the next 20 years, a large portion of the development in the worldwide aviation market will originate from the Asia-Pacific locale, which will represent 55 percent, while the expansion from China will represent 28 percent in the Asia-Pacific. The quickly developing aviation market will add strain to the airport structure. Among the world’s leading 100

What is Visual Data Mining?

Data Visualization

Whether you work as a data analyst, run a data-centric startup or want to learn more about data mining as a whole, visual data mining can be an interesting place to start. According to Finances Online, 53% of companies still rely on their CFO for data analytics without delving into specialized software or data mining,

6 Steps New College Grads Should Take Now to Start Investing

Students Time Management

Once you come closer to the end of your college education, the time comes to start thinking about becoming an adult and starting adult life. This usually involves starting a life outside of a student dorm, a complete change of wardrobe, and an updated version of your laptop. With this, you should be ready to

How Police Brutality Affect Society

Police Car

Imagine yourself sitting at home with your family, watching TV, or simply having a nice evening time. Everything is so right and so peaceful that you cannot believe it, as all of a sudden, the door of your apartment is being smashed by the police. Two officers enter your apartment and start harassing you and