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How to Write a Book Review? | Planning Tank

Writing Book Review

As an avid reader, you know how book reviews are important in our world today. Not only do they help us spot great books to read but also act as a bridge to most bookworms all over the world. Reviews give us a chance to share our thoughts with other readers while helping you keep

The Importance of Good Academic Writing

effective academic writing

Writing has existed for centuries, and the art never gets old, and with the introduction of academic writing following, it has become a key part of academics all over the world. Virtually all schools, institutions and places of learning have put measures in place to ensure students and scholars exchange and share information with their

How Big Data Solves the Urban Planning Challenge?

Big Data Urban Planning Challenge

Urban planning is becoming a challenge with growing populations and big data is stepping up to solve urban planning challenges. Big data has proven to contribute to improving challenges often affecting urban areas such as carbon emissions, urban mobility, and city maintenance. Over 280 cities have been converted to smart cities in the past decade

How to Write a Field Report?

Field Report

Researchers write field reports to combine the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom with observation methods applied out of the classroom. Field reports are used to describe an observed event, person or place and analyzing the observed data to identify and categorize the themes about the research problems outlined in the study. In most cases,