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Basics of Academic Writing: Guide for Beginners

How to write in Academic Style

Writing an academic paper might seem frightening to some students because it demands a certain level of knowledge, preparation, time, and creativity. After all, you do want to impress your teachers, students, and other readers by proving expertise in a given field. But how can you achieve the projected level of writing prowess and proficiency? There

Increasing Pollution in Urban Areas

Increasing Pollution in Urban Areas

Since the initiation of fire, human began to spoil the environment. But during that time the level of pollution was not that much aggressive like today. Pollution is a buzz word which is one of the headache of almost every growing economies concern. Unlike rural areas, urban pollution has been increasing at an exponential rate.

Tools And Tips Involving The World Of Instagram Analytics

Social Media Accounts

Instagram Analytic is one major part associated with Instagram marketing strategy. There are some ways involved to help you know if the IG marketing strategy is going according to plan or how well you are able to track the IG performance. It is a great way to improve the value of your content to yet

Helpful Website for Technical Homework Assignment

Writing Research

Writing is not much of a problem for many writers but college students are usually tensed when they are given a technical homework assignment, the reason is that it is easier to get someone to write an essay than to find an expert to solve your technical homework.  If I’m that college student, I will