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Danish Heritage of Serampur, West Bengal | PlanningTank

before and after restoration picture of Danish Tavern in Serampore

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition” ― Mark Twain. India has been a source of Inspiration for the world since millennia’s, ancient trade linkages with other continents through Sea trading and Silk Route; not

Smart phone use in India by Thejas | PlanningTank

mobile-phone growth

India is the second largest user of smart phones in the world after China.  As access to smart phones are not affordable by most of the population, there are services that are revolutionising the mobile industry with very cheap tariffs and affordable mobile phones so that the population can be connected. India has crossed almost

How Location-Sharing Can Stimulate Community Development – Geme App

Geme.io App

When smartphone apps request access to a user’s location, the information can be used to analyze customer habits, demographics and location among other things. It is easy to grant access to our personal information, and we hope app companies have our best interests in mind. Collecting data for research purposes by people with an interest

The Great Town – Friedrich Engels | Summary | PlanningTank

Industrial Work

“The Great Towns” | From the Condition of The Working class in England in 1844 (1845) Friedrich Engels was one of the most influential persons of the Nineteenth century for his collaborative work with Karl Marx on International Socialism which paved way for future ideologies and social interpretations and his commentary and ideas on the life

Top 10 measures to become green plugged!

Green City Life Copenhagen

With so many environmental issues cropping up and threatening the existence of all life forms on Earth, it is becoming extremely important to adopt a green lifestyle. Going green and incorporating sustainable practices into our lives is the way to go. It ensures a balance between human needs and our natural resources. Choosing a green