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Regional Planning – Need, Importance & Implementation

Regional Plan - Need, Importance & Implementation

What is Regional Planning? Regional planning deals with the planning of areas which constitutes both urban and rural areas. The term regional planning is associated with Urban Planning, the difference remains in the area being discussed. Urban Planning, city planning or town planning concerns a city or a delimited urban area which covers a city

What is Land Pooling?

Land Pool

What exactly is land pooling? Land pooling is simplest terms is the merging or “pooling” of land. In general, the major reason for land pooling is to get land-proprietors living in urban towns to pool their land and hand it over to a government organization with the goal that framework can be produced. As the

10 reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate can be a rewarding investing opportunity. However, commercial real estate investments have a high potential yield compared to residential real estate. According to a study done by Manulife Asset Management, commercial real estate offers more financial rewards compared to other investments like stocks and bonds. Also Read: Major Factors Influencing the

Urban Planning and Economic Development

Urban Planning Economic Development

Various urban objects, such as residential buildings, roads, utility facilities, etc., have more than one function. On the one hand, they have a direct purpose (e.g. housing, safety, mobility, etc.). On the other hand, they also perform economic functions because they have a huge economic impact on the urban environment. For example, residential buildings not