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I have done B.Tech in Civil engineering and currently doing M.Plan in Housing from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Bhopal. Writing about urban planning,smart cities is my area of interest.

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Modern Techniques of Solid Waste Management in India

Smart bins in Smart Cities

Cities are considered as the driver of economic development and growth. Majority of these cities are located in developing countries. Urban planning and city management is a very debatable topic and are kind of ignored ones. Cities generally have a variety of demographic profiles. People from all across the country migrate to the city in

Smart Dustbins for Smart Cities! | PlanningTank

Plastic Bottle Collection Machine

In number of developing nations we generally come across overflowing of dustbins. Due to complete filling of dustbins, the waste overflows and spread in the nearby areas. Due to spreading of wastes, many diseases can happen. Also spilling of wastes causes foul smell. Sometimes, due to lack of dustbins, wastes are thrown on the ground

E- Toilet in Smart Cities in India | Need and Funding

Smart City Logo

India has a population of around 1.2 billion people and it is astonishing that 55 % of this population do not have access to toilets. No access to toilets means open defecation which ultimately leads to various kinds of diseases. The situation of absence of toilets in even very critical for school going children specially