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Basis of Infrastructure Planning for Urban Planners

Urban Infrastructure

Infrastructure clenches its roots deep down in every system. To understand Infrastructure Planning, we must understand the basics of Infrastructure. This article critically interprets definition of infrastructure and then reviews different categories of infrastructures in literature. Further the emphasis is made to justify the importance of infrastructure planning and management for a planner. The Dictionary

Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976

Town Planning

Background – Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act a pioneer act of planned urban development in India For the process of Town Planning in India, the Bombay Town Planning Act, 1915 was first introduced in India. Concerning with the matters of urban development, the Act empowered local authorities for controlled land use and development.

Modernization of land records in India

Land Records

Effective management of land resources is central to a nation’s social and economic prosperity. Updated and comprehensive land records play an important role in administering this scarce resource effectively. In India, land records have existed since the pre-colonial period, and were overhauled under British rule. The colonial system, comprising of deeds-based registration and presumptive land

Meltwater Erosion | Meaning, Process & Implications

Meltwater Erosion

One of the most impressive features of the surfaces, soles and margins of temperature glaciers is the volume of water present in thin films, streams and ponds. Meltwater may be present in appreciable amounts in the upper parts of some subpolar glacier system. On polar glaciers, meltwater may be present at the base only where

Urban Governance in India: Emerging Challenges and New Approaches

Urban Governance

The pace and growth of urbanization in India pose enormous challenges to urban governance. The institutional features in a country like India facilitate the cities to deliver a better quality of life to its citizens and generate an environment that is capable of sustaining rapid growth. Though planned urbanization is needed for the industry and