Criteria of a Perfect Essay

Writing is easier said than done and writing a perfect essay requires keenness to details as well as the application of certain criteria. Writing is a process, and it takes time, patience, and endless practice to grow and develop this skill to perfection. Unfortunately, for a newbie and a majority of writing amateurs, writing is easy and anyone with a good command of English can write. They could not be more wrong. Having a great command of the queen’s language will not guarantee or qualify you as a great writer much less a writer. Writing requires more than just language and a repository of great vocabulary, and you have to grow and develop your skills before you can call yourself a writer. You should not expect to simply become and evolve into a great writer overnight. Perfect essay writing requires a resolve and a commitment to certain criteria which makes up the essence of this article. If you are in immediate need of assistance and deadlines to meet, you can also explore option to buy essays online which can be your lifeline in such difficult situations. 

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How to Write a Perfect Essay

  • Ensure you have a thesis and thesis statement. When writing a perfect essay, you must have a thesis. This gives your essay purpose and with it you can develop and build your stance. A thesis helps you to identify the topic of your essay and it is followed by other sentences. The thesis statement makes it simple for your readers to understand your perspective or viewpoint.
  • Have a well-structured essay. Perfect essay writing necessitates organization. Each body paragraph of your essay should begin with a topic sentence which conveys the main point of a single body paragraph. The topic sentence ought to have an argument which supports or builds on the thesis statement so as to motivate your readers’ interest in your article. You may require some help and ideas to better structure your work and consider taking help of professional services.
  • Provide evidence for your arguments. For you to learn how to write a perfect college essay, you should have resolute support for your claims. Your argument is well presented when you state it and explain the specifics which led you to this conclusion. This effectively sets up your organization.
  • Subject perception. Your essay can be well-organized but without acuity it does not bare much evidence based on your arguments. In order to learn how to write a perfect essay, the perspicacity of your subject ought to relate directly to the organization and the evidence you provide for your arguments. With this, you dig deeply with your claims and offer a perceptive subject.
  • Resolve yourself to being lucid. Perfect essay writing requires clear and concrete words and sentences. Its vitality is that the meaning of your article will reach your readers thus your essay will be highly graded. Ensure that you do not introduce your paragraphs with the commonly used examples in class.
  • Purpose to use a formal voice throughout your essay. For you to comprehend how to write a perfect essay, you should use the formal speech. This is crucial since it makes you sound more substantial and in command. Avoid using the informal language and retrenchments such as can’t, won’t, isn’t etc.
  • Be resourceful in how you come up with your ideas. Perfect essay writing necessitates a distinctive presentation of ideas. This drives your readers to want to know more of what your essay entails. Present your opinions in an original format so as to make your article to appear more alluring.
  • Purpose to maintain relevance throughout your essay. When writing a perfect essay, ensure that you do not veer off topic. Your readers can easily lose interest and give up on continuing to read your article. Ensure that the subsequent paragraphs link or mimic the main argument or the thesis statement.
  • Using correct spelling and punctuation enables you to improve on how to write a perfect college essay. To ensure this, make an effort of always proofreading through your paper and omit the errors you come across.
  • Guarantee your readers an allusion to your work. This is the most crucial criteria on how to write a perfect essay. Provide page numbers and footnotes to give your easy locus on your article. Ensure that your readers will not have any difficulties in making a reference to your essay.Essay Writing

Writing needs to have a goal and a purpose because, without one, an article may not appeal to the readers. Readers need to look forward to the next paragraph. From the criteria above, some simple and seemingly irrelevant factors like punctuation and the choice of voice must also be taken seriously. 


In conclusion, writing perfect essays takes time and you need to have a plan in place. The ideas to be included in an article should be well-researched and have enough substance to develop or build the thesis statement. The points provided above are not necessarily all you need to write a perfect essay, but they can help you comprehend what a perfect essay entails and warrants. Simply adhere to the above criteria and maintain a keen eye to details and you might surprise yourself.