9 Coolest Websites for Students

Coolest Websites

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The internet is a rich place of information, knowledge, and content that can really help students out given that they know where to look. There are a lot of entertaining websites on the web, but there’s also an unlimited amount of useful websites that are game-changers and can really elevate any individual’s life if they’re willing to try.

We’ve compiled a list of the coolest websites out there that will inspire creativity, drive and maybe even purpose in students. However, before we get into it, why not check out if you can make good use of Studyfy online tutoring services? If you’re already on the way to leveling up your knowledge, a good tutor can really help your progress become much quicker and more efficient.

Feeling self-motivated today? Then without further ado, here is the list of the coolest websites out there, in no particular order:

1. Goalcast

GoalCast is a great website to search up especially when you’re in need of inspiration or motivation. The two originators and creators of the website built it with the intention of sharing their purposeful view of life. They both wanted to share their beliefs about how everyone is the creator of their own reality and success, and so they created content to teach, inspire, and influence others through the internet.

GoalCast’s website offers real-life stories that inspire, educational content that serves to share tips on how to be successful, self-improvement content, and so on. As a student, you’ll inevitably have times where you’ll need an extra push, and why not sharpen your knowledge on the path to success in the meantime? Give this site a visit.

2. TED

If you’re familiar with the TED talks that are widely popular and shared on platforms like Youtube, you should check out the TED website. The organization spreads helpful ideas and knowledge through speeches and whatnot.

TED offers talks on their website, and they cover almost any topic you can imagine. This is another excellent website that will help fill your knowledge tank and help you get motivated.

3. Reddit

Reddit is a massive forum and community board categorized into sections, where people share ideas, opinions, and media about a common interest. The most relevant posts are upvoted and show up on top. Reddit is a good website for students since the user base is massive, and you can ask for advice on anything.

Reddit aka “The Front Page of Internet”, can be a good source of information, just learn how to navigate it. Moreover, the social and interactive aspect of the board makes it more fun to learn something.

4. Bigthink

BigThink contains ideas from all lanes of life. Many of the website’s contributors are noteworthy figures, and since there are thousands of contributors, consequently, there’s a massive collection of wisdom and knowledge on the platform.

We recommend this website since it offers topics on science, the mind, personal growth, technology, and even videos on many interesting topics that may strike your interest. Knowledge is power after all.

5.   Shopify

You can literally start your own business online with Shopify. Ever wanted to become an entrepreneur? Visit the platform.

Shopify lets anyone set up their own online store through their platform, since it’s a commerce platform that offers to let users launch their own store, wherever they are, as well as customizing it, etc. It’s a grassroots approach but modernized. The Shopify app store helps ease the process of creating your website as well. This is a cool new endeavor any student can take on. Why not do something that will generate income?

6.   Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a great music-sharing website that lets users make playlists or promote and share their music. Soundcloud is a great website for students, especially if you’re a music buff. There’s always tons of original content on it, and songs and prods that you would never hear on the radio. Moreover, users can sort out playlists with songs that they like.

Soundcloud lets you explore viral and trending music as well if you’re looking to catch an update on any of your favorite pop artists. Additionally, it sections music by categories depending on genre and whatnot.

7.   This is my Jam

Another cool music-centered website and platform is This is My Jam. Essentially, the website’s platform lets users share songs that they are currently listening to which they also absolutely love. You can share a song by posting links from other websites, like Youtube. Once you share a song, your followers can interact with it by leaving a like or a comment.

The main page shows songs that other people have shared, and it’s a great way to discover new music and genres that you would have otherwise overlooked. Why not treat yourself to some new tunes? You might just find some incredible artists and pieces that could rock your world.

8.   Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s website offers free education for everyone. This is an excellent site for students to expand their knowledge, or help them out with their current academic struggles. Khan Academy offers courses that range from maths, science, coding, economics, history, and that’s just to name a few. The site even offers life advice on university and careers.

Moreover, if you’re a student on the verge of facing an exam period, Khan Academy offers test preparation guides and courses. Overall, it’s an extremely useful platform that any student should try out.

9.   Artstation

Are you an artist or creative? Then you will probably benefit from visiting the Artstation website.

This platform lets artists share their work and portfolio so that they can be discovered by the right people. Simultaneously, looking at other artists’ portfolios and creations can really be inspiring, and there’s a lot of great artworks online. Artstation even has a marketplace where you can sell your digital assets.

Moreover, the site offers a website builder feature, and even a learning feature intended to help educate you in your artistic journey. Leveraging your creative hobbies or talent on this platform might not be the worst idea ever, who knows who might discover you?

Final Words

As you can see, there are many ways that can help you with your study in a fun and engaging way. The internet is an infinite database of knowledge. If you are struggling with a subject – a quick search might help you out with virtually any question you might have.