Poocho App by DIMTS

What is Poocho App by DIMTS ?

Poocho App is a mobile application launched by DIMTS or Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System by Delhi Government. This app is a latest attempt to bring all Auto Rickshaw and Taxis in Delhi to bring under one app.

Need for the Poocho App ?

This app as mentioned above aims to bring all Autos and Taxis operating in Delhi to be available through single app, this was stressed upon in wake f recent controversial Odd – Even rule which will be implemented in Delhi on pilot basis. To provide some relief and facilitate commuters to book them through their mobile phones. This app will be launched on 22nd December 2015 (22nd is also the date for Car Free day in Delhi launched recently).

Currently approximately 80,000 autos and 30,000 taxis ply on roads of Delhi, after the launch of this app, commuters will be able to book these autos and taxis using their android smartphones.

Features & considerations for Poocho App

Auto and taxi drivers have been contacted and informed about the app so as to avoid confusions later and to have a smooth operations. Poocho App will feature 2 sections, one for commuters or users and the other for auto/taxi drivers who will be required to register in the app so as to get bookings from it. This app will work only on the GPS enabled Autos/Taxis and users are also expected to turn on their GPS so as to get details about the route and the shortest route.

From where can Poocho App can be downloaded ?

Official app can be downloaded from Google Play Store from here.
Poocho AppPoocho App Map

Expected benefits from the app

This app is primarily aimed to reduce the problem faced by users during the pilot project which will allow users with Odd number cars to be operation on odd dates and similarly even numbered cars on even dates. If is yet to see how successful this attempt will become. If this is successful then other states and surrounding areas will have something to learn from National Capital and can follow similar path to solve their problem.

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